Texas Power Outages

Texas Power Outages

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Texas Power Outage Lawsuit

You may be eligible for compensation if you or your loved ones were injured or Hospitalized due to the power outages. Did you or your family suffer a loss of a love one during the subfreezing temperatures that occurred inside the home because of lack of power?

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Are you a homeowner or business owner who experienced property damage or economic loss due to the Texas power outage?

The Texas power companies were warned of the approaching historic storm and failed to act to protect the people of Texas.

The Texas Power Outages Cases are against some estimated 300 Power Companies that failed to equip their plants for severe winter weather causing massive power outages and water issues in February 2021. Much of Texas was affected. Many people died and/or suffered severe injuries, business lost income/property damage, not to mention the tremendous property damage individuals suffered as the result of water damage from busted pipes. It was a huge ordeal for the State of Texas and could have been easily been prevented if Power Companies followed prior guidance and recommendations.